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Bullying is a problem in the workplace. According to a recent survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, nearly 37 million U.S. workers faced “abusive conduct” at work, while another 29 million workers witnessed it. Bullying — defined as psychological violence...

It is always a challenge to hire international keynote speakers and trust they will make our event great. Well, Dana Manciagli is a seasoned international traveler and speaker and was not only easy to work with, but she developed customized...

I am so appreciative of the message you brought to the Professional BusinessWomen’s 24th annual conference. With your help, we made some key steps into the Next Generation and heightened the understanding of the challenges and opportunities of getting to...

This workshop was very helpful providing actionable items and know-how to tackle the job hunt. Dynamic, enthusiastic, helpful. You have a warm stage presence; the material you presented was absolutely spot-on for your audience. – Puget Sound Business Journals

Dana Manciagli not only offers a highly engaging and motivational session, she is also easy to work with and extremely well-organized, providing the necessary information well before the deadlines. An event producer’s dream! – How Design Live


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