Dana Manciagli is a personal job search consultant, taking you through a step-by-step process for results.

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That’s precisely what you’ll receive when you hire Dana Manciagli to help you land your next job FASTER.

Dana’s coaching is ideal if you are unemployed or employed. Dana’s clients include those looking at new companies or striving for a promotion within their company. What are you looking for?

Based upon 30 years of hiring, searching, interviewing and developing a job search process, Dana Manciagli is offering one-to-one personal coaching to the serious, committed executive job seekers.

Knowing that the job search process is frustrating and that you have no time to waste, Dana will help you take charge, analyze what you have been doing, put you on a new program, give you “homework assignments” and provide you with special tools to track your progress. Her coaching program is indispensable for every active executive job seeker for any type of job.

There are two packages: an introductory package and the Boot Camp, which includes unlimited e-mail and phone calls with 5 power sessions.


Boot Camp:

Session one*: Review, in detail, where you are in your job search, ranging from your goal to opportunities you have found, what you have done, and what your challenges are.

Session two: Get you started on the Cut the Crap™ (CTC) Job Search Organizer, capturing your goals, your plan of action, preparing to put you on a “program. Take one job opportunity and practice with a new “Candidate Packet.” Focus on your preparation around research, networking and interviewing.

Session three: Interview role-play, reviewing top questions, tough questions and how to address gaps or possible areas of concern by the hiring manager. Solutions provided based on your unique challenges.

Session four: Extensive review of each opportunity in your pipeline, status, challenges, your social media utilization and networking plan. Direct and specific coaching on the steps you should do immediately.

Session five: Review your week-in-the-life of your job search journey, assuring you have all of the innovative approaches to ‘win’ your next career move quicker. Lock on your committed plan to act.

*All sessions are 1 hour long: face-to-face or web-based

Make an investment into your future, land in your next career role faster and learn a new way!

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