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I haven’t even started my job search and I’ve never done this before. Is this program appropriate for me or is there different beginning course I should take?

This program is certainly right for you. Just think of it as learning to play a new sport or a musical instrument; although it’s much more serious, of course. You will learn the fundamentals, the rationale as to why something is done a certain way, and you will be pushed to strive for excellence. More important, you’ll get all of the tools and training you need to be the winning candidate.

Will I be on a deadline when I start the course? Is the training delivered live?

The entire course is waiting for you right now. You get to go at your own pace! And because all 5 modules, with over 20 training videos, are accessible the minute you log in to your member area, you don’t need to juggle live events.

I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to implement this program?

I know you’re crazy busy. You may have a full-time job, family responsibilities, care giving for others, and much more. And the last thing I want to do is tack another project on your never-ending to-do list. But here’s the thing – you DO have time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day… but as a job seeker, your job is to maximize the return on every hour spent, and prioritize your activities accordingly. My goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you how the Job Search Master Class® will speed up your time-to-working, time-to-a-better-job, and more. With a new job waiting, you’ll find the time for this program – and shed those ineffective/less fun activities that are filling up your calendar.

I understand that if I put in the work and implement your system I WILL see epic results. But how many hours should I set aside each week?

Remember, the goal here is to have every hour you put into learning and implementing the Job Search™ reward you with job opportunities that lead to job offers. I know you’re committed, however time management is important. Here’s what to expect… You will get access to the entire training program from the minute you join. Roughly, there are about 20 hours of training included in the program, broken into bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest. If you want to get your pipeline of opportunities filled quickly, I suggest you spend 3-4 hours a week dedicated to the program. But no worries if that’s too much – you have lifetime access, so go at your own pace!

I’ve already been job searching. Will this improve my results or is the program for “beginners” who have minimal job search experience?

The strategies you’ll learn in the Job Search Master Class® are the same ones thousands have used to successfully land their next career moves. This program has helped job searchers of all kinds, from newbie college graduates to mature clients who thought they were “pros” at job search. So while the course DOES assume that this is your first time out, the tips, tricks, tools, and training included will help you avoid plateaus, unlearn obsolete strategies, and arm yourself with a system that is uniquely designed to deliver today’s (and tomorrow’s) successful job search. So many of my clients have said to me, “I have never had to look for a job – I’ve been tapped for each new position.” Others said, “I think I know what to do, but it’s been a while.”

I’m not looking for a job in the private sector. Can this help?

The Job Search Master Class® is function- and industry-agnostic. Whether your career goals include for-profits, non-profits, startups, or global corporations, or highly specialized, salaried, or hourly positions, this process will work for you. The role of a hiring manager is the same everywhere: identify and hire the best candidate. I designed this process from the perspective of a seasoned hiring manager, to deliver the insights and tools to “win” the job you want.

I want to make a total career change. Or I’m re-entering the workforce after a long gap. How will this course help me?

Bravo for making the decision to change your career aspirations or job status. Your critical question now should be, “How am I going to make myself relevant to a hiring manager since I don’t have a “typical” résumé and I’m competing against other candidates who have different skills?” The Job Search Master Class® will both teach you how to present yourself as the best candidate for the jobs you will be applying to, and give you the tools and templates you need. Blindly submitting your résumé is not the path to success; this course gives you the map.

Do you guarantee that I’ll get a job?

I wish I could! I know this process works; I’ve seen it. However, there are so many variables under YOUR control that can affect your likelihood of success. How many hours will you dedicate to your job search? How well are you going to track and follow up on every job opportunity? How many interview role-plays will you do and will you work on correcting some patterns that might be hurting you? The list goes on. Take up the challenge; treat your job search as “Job One” and you can succeed. We’ll celebrate your success and I’ll feature you as a “poster child” – a speedy and successful job seeker – on our members-only Facebook Group.

“Is Job Search Master Class® right for me?”

If you can put a big ol’ green checkmark next to any of these boxes, there’s a huge transformation waiting for you on the other side of this training.

I’m determined to find the right job, and I’m willing to do what it takes to get hired. (Maybe you haven’t started looking, or maybe you’ve been at it a while with no success.)

I’ve never searched for a job before—the jobs have always come to me. (Lucky you! But don’t worry, you’ll get all the hand-holding you need here.)

The last time I looked for a job was ages ago. There’s so much new technology now, and I don’t know where to start.

I get that “time is money” and I don’t want to waste time doing the wrong things. Every hour counts, so I need to make every application count, too. (Maybe you have a full time job or other commitments and you’re strapped for time.)

I’m looking for tools, trackers, and templates to help “project manage” my job search AND capture the attention of hiring companies.

I’m ready to take my job search to the next level—no, to the highest level! I’m committed to learning and I want to make the absolute most of this opportunity.

If you can relate to any of the above…

It sounds like you’re serious about finding your best job yet.
Give yourself the best possible shot at achieving your career goals with the most COMPLETE job search course available.


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