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Instructional Video Lesson

A comprehensive video lesson that will walk you through each step of a successful interview, including dos and don’ts.

The Job Search Master Class® Interview Guide and “Questions to Ask” handout.

• Get access to our proven Interview Guide which shares the most commonly-asked questions. We provide the intent of the question and how to answer it.
• Download your Interview Guide blank and develop your personalized master plan for excellent interview answers.
• Learn what to ask and what not to ask in an interview and steal questions we provide.

Upon completion you will have a...

  • personalized Master Interview Guide that you can study, customize and practice.
  • set of practice sessions with the video-based online Interview role-play technology. 
  • confidence and a framework to handle virtually any question coming your way.  

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Q: What makes this Interview Training the best in the market today?

A: Four Reasons

  • Designed by a frustrated corporate executive after decades of being on the hiring end interviewing thousands of candidates. Dana Manciagli, one of the top 10 job search experts in the country, left her corporate position seven years ago to help jobseekers present themselves more effectively to compete for interviews and get offers!
  • ​Examined by dozens of recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources professionals.
  • Utilized by well over 1,000 candidates for their phone, video and face-to-face interviews, resulting in a 94% success rate in receiving offers.
  • ​You'll learn the following secrets behind the interview curtain.
Secret #1: 
Be Relevant

In most cases you will have a job description or can estimate the hiring teams’ needs for the position you are interviewing for. Therefore, pivot your interview answers to address those needs first. Be sure the interview team leaves your interview saying, “ <Your name> is the top candidate for this position.”

In today’s new job search era, interviewers are pressured to find the best candidate in the most efficient way possible, including looking for reasons to decline a candidate. Everything you say and do is being examined for fit within their team and capabilities to do the job they need to fill. Your role is to stay focused on their needs and not on blurting out everything about you. Be selective and careful!
Our interview instruction will get you interview-ready and confident.

Secret #2: 
Be Clear and Concise

Interviews are stressful and nerve-racking. When you are nervous, you may ramble and try to say too much with the hopes that something sticks. We can help you.

You will practice a framework of “tricks” that will keep you steady, focused and confident. You will know when to stop talking, how not to over-share, and how to use a strong vocabulary to highlight your relevant skills. Whether the interviewer is on the phone, the other side of a video camera or face-to-face, put yourself in their shoes. They are trying to take notes or remember who is who, so make it easy for them!

Secret #3:
Have Amazing Questions to Ask Them
Did you know that the <poor> questions you ask can fast-track you into the “no” pile? You won the interview, you did well in the first half of the interview, then you blew it with the questions you asked. You may have come across either needy, cocky, lacking research skills (e.g., didn’t research their company or department), or uninterested.

With your new set of questions, you will display your passion for the position/company, you will learn things that are important to understand the position deeper, and you will be insightful with your curiosity. Most importantly, there are a lot of questions to strictly avoid. Do you know what those are? You will soon!

Select Your Version, Only $249


We’ve got the “A” to your “Q”. Click the button below to contact me or a member of my team or email us:

Our interview instruction will get you interview-ready and confident. You’ll get interview secrets you can implement immediately plus tips on mistakes to avoid.

Created by Dana Manciagli, global career expert and long-time Fortune 500 executive at Microsoft, IBM, Kodak and more.

Dana Manciagli has been a corporate executive for more than 30 years and has leveraged her employee hiring and management experience into that of author, blogger, keynote speaker, career coach, and global career expert. She is the founder of Job Search Master Class® and author of Cut the Crap™, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era.

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