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We work hard every day to assure that every U.S. Military Veteran and Military Spouse secures a meaningful job in the civilian world.

Job Search Master Class® for Veterans and Military Spouses uniquely delivers 24/7 access, instructional tools, templates and a proven system to improve the speed and quality of their job search.

The Veteran Community We Serve

Active Duty Service Members

Active Duty Service Members


Retired or Separated Personnel


Military Spouses


Reserve / National Guard

Enormous Challenges for Our U.S. Military Veteran Community

Veterans need support and finding meaningful employment is hard. Military spouses need help, too. Underemployment is severe.

What is Job Search Master Class® ?

  • End-to-end online curriculum with exercises

  • One-stop cloud solution; no integration

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with global access

  • LIFETIME access to materials

  • Unlimited interview role-play

  • Continuously updated with new training

Online Job Search Skills Curriculum

Job Search Master Class®
for Veterans

Job Search Master Class®
for Military Spouses

Job Search Master Class®
for the General Public

The Full Job Search Cycle in One Online Course

Job Search Master Class® has exercises, templates and tools for every step.

Which category best describes you?

Take Action Now!

Corporate or Government Officials who want more information on how to support the Veteran,
Military Spouse and undeserved job-seeking communities. You can do more than just say “thank you” and “I care” to the military community.

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U.S. Military Veterans who would like to apply for a no-fee scholarship to Job Search Master Class® for

We don’t want our U.S. military transitioning Service Members, Veterans or Reserve/National Guard to pay for job search skills training. We thank you for your service and want to help you win.

Scholarship Value: $997.00

U.S. Military Spouses who would like to apply for a no-fee scholarship to Job Search Master Class® for
Military Spouses.

You are serving our country every day and we understand your unique job search challenges. With moving, raising children and being declined by hiring managers, we want to help you.

Scholarship Value: $997.00

Every Other Job Seeker (Non-Veteran Community): Secure your job by joining Job Search Master
Class® today.

For young professionals through senior executives, get completely ready to launch your new job search with amazing results.

From setting your goal through negotiating your offer, grab your virtual seat now!

Award Winning Career Advice

Dana Manciagli, President

Dana Manciagli, President of Job Search Master Class® is one of the industry’s most highly-regarded career experts, with an innovative system to instruct on all aspects of the Veteran community’s transition to civilian employment.

A senior tech executive for more than 30 years, ex-Microsoft and IBM, Dana leveraged her employee hiring and management experience into that of a career coach, speaker, columnist and curriculum master.

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