3 key ways the Business Journal can speed up your job search

3 key ways the Business Journal can speed up your job search
3 key ways the Business Journal can speed up your job search

3 key ways the Business Journal can speed up your job search

OK, so you have an online or print subscription to the Business Journal. Or you’re reading this article without a subscription (so you’re missing some critical features to help propel your career!).

But, the big question is: “are you maximizing all of the resources inside to accelerate your job search?” If you said “yes” then I’ll put money down you are missing some things. Let me help you out.

Here’s how this will work: I’ll provide coaching on your job search by outlining things you need to do to change your game, be a better candidate and speed up your results. These features will also help you if you’re seeking a promotion within your company or seeking new opportunities outside. So, that means just about everybody.

1. Define your job function

See the People On the Move stories. The more you read about other people’s careers, the more you will learn. Your local Business Journal is filled with stories about successful individuals within small, medium and large corporations in your city.

From the articles, you can read more about them by going to their LinkedIn profiles and doing Bing or Google searches. You can even create an Excel spreadsheet to make connections with great people who can help you with your search, too.

2. Define your target industries who might be hiring your skills

Did you know that there is an Industries tab under News in your online journal and print version? Learn about industry trends, competitive battles, and economic conditions affecting various industries. Hear from industry icons, take notes, clip articles and save them as part of the research you will need once you are closer to interviewing.

3. Define the companies you want to work for within your target industries.

See the Companies tab under News. It’s a great way to learn about companies you might not already know about. These companies are often expanding, which may translate to new positions.

And my absolute favorite is the Business Journal’s BOOK OF LISTS, which will become your most valuable tool for learning about the top firms sorted by industry. The list is available in print as well as in a database format. This is worth the nominal investment in your career for years to come.


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