3 Reasons to Meet Face-to-Face in a Virtual World

3 Reasons to Meet Face-to-Face in a Virtual World

Are you as confused as I am? Do you know when it’s ideal to communicate with colleagues and clients via email or whether you should pick up the phone and call? Do you have a firm grasp on when a face-to-face conversation may be more appropriate?  

In today’s constantly evolving digital landscape, there are a myriad of apps, tools and services that enable virtual communication. From voice and video calls to texting, emailing and social media posts, these virtual services not only enhance our personal lives but also help boost efficiencies and productivity in the workplace.  

And while digital communication methods can indeed help in our professional lives, there is also still true value in good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication. I reached out to business leader, international speaker and mental health activist, Ulrich Kellerer, who has identified three reasons why face-to-face communication is still vital in today’s workplace. 

1 – Builds Trust.

In general, our body language influences how others interpret our words. So, if your body language mirrors your words, you end up developing better trust and understanding with others. “If you can read someone’s body language in-person, you have better access to a wealth of crucial information that cannot be conveyed through a phone meeting or text message,” says Kellerer 

2 – Enhances Engagement.

Visual connections can add an element of accountability for everyone involved in a face-to-face meeting. Kellerer adds, “With this strategy, participants who are often busy and easily distracted will not have the chance to attempt multitasking – which can unfortunately happen when meetings are handled via phone or email.” In-person communication also helps to create more collaborative environments that inspire people to participate in meetings. 

3 – Reduces Confusion.

With personal interaction, you can reduce misunderstandings, increase opportunities for clarification, and foster more effective business practices. Never underestimate the importance of in-person conversations, in real rooms and in real-time. 

Striving for a Personal Connection 

While emails, phone calls and texts all help start – or continue – important conversations with colleagues and clients, the key is realizing that you still must do the hard work of building and nurturing relationships. 

Ulrich adds, “The benefits of face-to-face communication are countless. Being in the presence of other people allows us to hear what they are saying, and helps us read and assess body language, non-verbal and emotional cues better, as well as formulate appropriate responses.” 

Effective communication is a vital aspect of true connection in today’s business world and using only email and text just doesn’t cut it. Today’s employees require the support and encouragement that can only come in more profound ways via in-person communication.  

When employees and clients come face-to-face with each other, they are compelled to be “real” and express themselves in deeper ways. And when you make an effort to get together with others in-person, you will experience a more significant benefit: the chance to truly connect and build meaningful, long-term relationships together. 


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