5 Steps to Get More Out of Your Work Day

5-Tricks to Increase your Productivity

Many people start their day with optimal energy, but their efforts wane as the day progresses. It’s difficult to sustain productivity for anyone, but there are hacks to help you maintain top efficiency throughout the day.

I spoke with serial entrepreneur Damon Burton, consultant and President of SEO National and UtahSites, to learn the tricks that fueled his success.

What do you think is the most important habit to be more productive?

I tell everyone who will listen to set a morning routine. Start by waking up at the same time every day. Designate all the activities that you will complete during the morning hours and make sure to do them every day. Pretty soon, you will notice your morning routine is already established, and it will be hard to deviate from it.

Do you need to plan the entire day?

I believe things only happen when you make them happen. So, for me, starting out each day by laying out my to-do list, including checking my email, going through paperwork and making phone calls. I also create lists so I can cross things off as I go.

What about taking on new projects?

This is where it is so important to know yourself. I try very hard to only accept tasks and projects that fall within my skillset, experience, and expertise. Focusing on things within your field of interest will squeeze your creative juices and provide fulfillment but doing things that don’t match your abilities can be frustrating and cause you to stagnate.

You’ve also talked about the importance of taking a break.

Everybody needs time to refresh but taking time off doesn’t mean that you need to be idle. You can take a break from your normal work and still be productive by reading, listening to your favorite music, or doing volunteer work.

What else do you recommend to be more productive?

The end of the day should also follow a routine, such as bonding with your family. Wrap up emails, finish phone calls, and clean up your desk. Then leave work at work and focus on relationships, personal time, and getting adequate rest for the next day.

Damon is right! As you establish healthy habits and routines, you’re setting yourself up to be more and more efficient on the job and more content in other areas of your life.


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