Are These Myths Holding You Back from Business?

How to Overcome Common Mental Hurdles for Budding Entrepreneurs

Norma Forastiere is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, natural therapist, and certified Joy of Business facilitator. Yet she knows well the self-doubts and uncertainty that can hold you back.  

When Forastiere launched her first business – a translation services company – she was a very busy, very shy mother who was suffering from deep depression and low self-esteem.  Now she coaches budding entrepreneurs of all ages and walks of life to overcome their mental hurdles and achieve success. I asked Norma how to overcome common mental hurdles for budding entrepreneurs; here is her advice. 

What holds most people back from starting a business?

If you are holding yourself back in business, you have probably come to believe some common myths about entrepreneurialism – specifically, what characteristics, knowledge, or experience is required to be a successful entrepreneur. We hear these myths and we think we’re lacking. We don’t see what is different about us that is actually an advantage in business. 

How can people take the leap into business with more confidence? 

Start questioning the myths and mindsets you come across and discover what is true for you. Here are three common mythical mindsets about starting a business you might be familiar with, and what you can do to change them: 

1 – You Can’t Do IBecause… 

Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you can’t do it, for any reason – even if that person is you! Lots of women successfully go back to business after taking a break for pregnancy or raising a family. Many people start a business when they’re over 40 or 50. What do you know about your business that may be completely different from anybody else? 

2 – You Don’t Have the Experience or Abilities Required. 

One big mistake we make is that we don’t value the roles and experience we have in the “non-business” parts of our lives. What abilities does being a mother add to your business? What unique talents and abilities are you using in other areas of your life (hobbies, previous jobs, relationships) that would actually help you in business? If you regard yourself as a whole being who can bring all your resources to the table, you will realize you actually know a lot! 

3 – You Need the Right Business Model. 

Many people buy into the point of view that the only way to be successful in business is to emulate what other entrepreneurs have done. But, when it’s time to make decisions, successful business people follow their own instincts and ask, “Will this work for me and my business?” It can be tempting to hold yourself back in business because you think you can’t do what others do. Ask yourself instead: what can I do that others can’t? Just like you, your business is unique – there is no right way, so do what works for you. 

Most of all, trust yourself and build your business in the way that best suits you: your skills, talents, and personality. If you do that, the opinions of others will be secondary to what you know is possible for you and your business. 

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