5 Steps to Take Today to Become Your Own Boss

5 Things You Can Do Today to Work Toward Becoming Your Own Boss

Many of us aspire to become our own boss, but few know what skills are necessary to this. I reached out to serial entrepreneur, Jessica Higgins JD MBA BB to discuss the most important skills needed to become an entrepreneur. Jessica became a female executive by the age of 26 and has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 5 years. Her newest business venture is Digital Unicorns.

Below, Jessica shares with us what she believes are the most valuable skills that have helped her to succeed.

1 – Building your personal brand.

I learned how to build a personal brand at a marketing mastermind called Genius Network. Creating my personal brand has given me a platform and a voice for women and millennials who want to see their face in leadership, to which I am very grateful. My brand has allowed me to stand out, and connect, with like minded people. Business just flows from there.

2 – Perfect your self-management skills.

Becoming your own boss can be the most terrifying part of entrepreneurship because there is no one to tell you when to work or what to do. Before stepping into this world, it’s to self-assess as to whether you are prepared to live wild and free. Many people find set hours to be a security blanket.

Start working through self-managing your time and energy long before you go it alone. This can mean setting up a rigorous gym and health schedule, and even working through your weekends. Once you are able to be productive anywhere, you’re ready to handle the entrepreneur’s life. I work at the beach on weekends because I live in Miami Beach.

3 – Build relationships.

The connections you make are what will make you successful. Build up a network of people who value you and your contributions, and give them a lot of value. When it becomes time for you to reach out and ask for help, the answer will likely be a yes.

4 – Find a great CPA.

If your finances aren’t together now, get them there immediately. Don’t wait until cash starts flowing in to realize that you need financial management, because by then it’s a lot more complicated.

5 – Amp up your productivity.

Entrepreneurs are on 24/7, at least in the early stages. Be prepared to sacrifice everything for the grind. When I started my most recent business, no one saw me for two months. Once I got through the initial growth, and got my schedule settled, it got easier.

I would strongly urge you to prepare your family and friends for rough times ahead, because if you do well at your own business, time will just disappear. A supportive family will understand, but definitely have that conversation.


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