It’s “Career Christmas” in September

It’s “Career Christmas” in September

I know you know this: “Success doesn’t happen alone!”

Why is it, then, professionals who are seeking their next career move just muscle their way through it alone? Yes, they may tell others they’re job-seeking, and they will share frustrations with loved ones. But what about seeking real help?

As an author, I collaborate with other job search authors and we know you’re not putting our books at the top of the best seller list. As a columnist and prolific blogger, I know ALL of you are not seeking help online. So are you just making it up as you go?

Good news: Join me in my FREE webinar in early September called “Killer Job Search Techniques.” Devote one hour and get the definitive guide to planning and executing your job search strategy. You’ll learn:

  • The top 5 reasons that job seekers struggle
  • The major mistakes that you’re probably making in your job search
  • The 3 step solution that will help you land the job you REALLY want
  • And much more!

I know you need help when:

  • … you focus way too much energy on your résumé and not enough on how you’ll become relevant to the hiring market
  • … you are applying online and saying “I can’t follow up with anybody since I don’t know whom to follow up with.”
  • … you wake up every day without a clear set of tasks that drive a possibility forward.
  • … you can’t clearly answer the question “What are you looking for?” with the function, industry and location.
  • … you have spent at least one month looking but no list of at least 6 job opportunities cooking simultaneously.

Need I continue?

I’m compiling some of the best advice and newest techniques I have into a jam-packed 60 minutes. My goal is to get you current on massively-changing job search practices.

What are you going to do?

My favorite word in life right now is “choices.” Choices, choices, choices. BRAVO that you have chosen to pursue your next career chapter.

Now choose to get support. Choose to block the hour, turn off all electronic devices, and hush the children. Then focus on learning something new to propel your career forward.

Click here for your seat at the FREE “Killer Job Search Techniques” LIVE webinar. See you there!


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