Delta Chaos and Crappy Customer Service

Delta Chaos April 2017

Delta is the worst airline with weather challenges. Consistently. All other airlines were running smoothly around the system right after “weather.” The other airlines are just full due to Delta’s cancellations! When Delta’s hub in Atlanta gets hit, they don’t recover well, logistically. Not only do they not recover within their system, but they are treating their thousands of customers like crap.

I believe, now, that they have a “schtick” that lasts for days and days: (1) “We don’t have a pilot” (2) “We don’t have a crew” (3) “Weather” (even 3 days after a storm) (4) “We don’t help with hotels for stranded customers since it’s weather” (5) Boarding planes then de-planing due to #s 1 and 2. Oh, it gets worse.

Their staff at the gates are unprepared and no senior management was to be found. Tons of mis-information just to get rid of us: The gate staff sends everybody to customer service centers who are overwhelmed and only had 2-3 junior people. Lines were hours, phones into Delta were over-loaded so not answering.

Oh, should I mention baggage handling? We were told by the customer service desk that cancelled flights’ bags were off-loaded in baggage claim, but they never were. Lines there were 2 hours long just to log in a tracker. We are still without luggage today, Saturday, and nobody is answering Delta’s baggage number at 1-800-325-8224 and the online has no information about our bags that tells us anything.

In summary, we have been stranded by Delta since Thursday 7am, April 6 and only Alaska Airlines could get us home this Sunday, April 9 (we called them directly). We are spending hundreds on hotel rooms, lost deposits at our resort, we’re buying food and clothes, and so much more.

We are fortunate that we were just going on vacation. Other customers were in tears and furious…a groom in front of us was missing his wedding, mothers missing their kid’s weddings, people sleeping in the airport, families of 6 with infants who don’t speak English…on and on.

Customer service rule #1: Yes, “stuff” happens…it’s how a company works out of it that makes or breaks their brand. My husband and I are both million-mile flyers with tons of flying experience. Yet we, like everybody, are treated by cattle.

We can’t wait to get home on Alaska Airlines!

REF: Alaska confirmation OZTZNA, Delta confirmation JQVE8L



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