Don’t Give Up On Form Letter Responses to Your Job Search

Here’s the email Joey received:

Thank you for your email earlier this week and for your interest in our open position. I wanted to give you an update on where we are in the hiring process. Currently, we are reviewing all the applicants’ information. We expect to make a decision within the next 10 days, though. If we need to meet with you, I will contact you directly.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you have any questions.

My advice:

Too many candidates give up after receiving form e-mails. Don’t!

Since Joey has an inside track and possibly has some contacts within the company, he should take advantage of this 10 day window and do something. Opportunities include:

  • Craft an e-mail that shares your passion for their company and position AND tell them 3 reasons why you are the best fit based on their job description.

  • Example: “Mr. Smith, per your job description and my research, you need someone who has experience with X and I have 7 years excelling in that arena. Additionally, you seek an analytical and detail-oriented person and I have high feedback marks in both of those categories”

  • Close the e-mail with an expression of your interest in their position and ask to please be included in the interview process.

  • If you don’t know anybody within the company, now is the time to start searching via LinkedIn. Find other employees, ask for their time to learn more about the company and see if they would be willing to forward your credentials to the hiring manager. Many companies have an employee referral program where they get paid if you are hired, too.

Keep networking to get your credentials on the desk of the hiring manager and be persistent. My rule: follow up every 5 working days with a new type of e-mail. Do that three times, minimally. Be formal and professional as you are building a networking relationship for the long term as well as for the short term.


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