How to Dress For That Job Interview

4 Tips on Dressing Formally For An Interview

We often ask advice from “people like us” – our peers. To get a different perspective, I asked Joey Randazzo, 2016 graduate of University of Puget Sound and Project Manager for Paleo Magazine, for his thoughts on dressing for a job interview. Here is his advice as he begins his career journey.

You’ve probably heard that “You have to wear a suit to an interview.” Well I disagree. You may just have one outfit that will work for a job interview, a coffee meeting, or a Skype call…

Find Your “One Interview Outfit”

To make your life easier, plan out your go-to interview outfit. It doesn’t have to be a suit, but it does have to be professional. For men, this could be a nice button-down, some slacks, and dress shoes. For women (you have more options – jealous!…), this could be a dress, or a blouse with a pair of dress pants, or maybe a skirt with a sweater. Figure out what works best for you.

You can wear this to an interview, to coffee, or for a Skype call. You won’t have to worry or stress before the interview – you’ll already know what you’re wearing.

Do Your Research

Above are general rules, but of course every situation is different. It’s ultimately going to depend on the company you’re interviewing for. If you want to be a fitness model for Nike, then you should probably be wearing Nike gear. Or if you’re interviewing for a position at a fashion design firm, then you should probably be wearing something trendy and hip. If you’re interviewing for a position as an investment banker, then an expensive-looking suit and wristwatch are a must.

It’ll depend on the situation, and while your “one interview outfit” will work for most scenarios, you may have to change it up.

“You wore what!?” Things to Avoid Wearing to an Interview

You should avoid…

  • Wearing dirty or wrinkled clothes to an interview.
  • Dousing yourself in cologne or perfume.
  • Women, avoid really low-cut blouses or skirts/dresses that are too short.
  • Wearing over-the-top piercings or showing all your tattoos.

Be Yourself (To An Extent…)

If you absolutely love the Los Angeles Lakers, consider wearing a subtle Lakers tie. If you’re bold, wear that brightly colored blouse. But if you only wear flip flops because that’s just who you are, then I’m sorry to inform you that you’re going to have to leave the flip flops at home.

Your outfit should be a representation of you are and reflect your personality. So make it you.


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