Get Ready to Job Search in 5 Steps

Get Ready to Job Search in 5 Steps  

For anyone getting started with the job search process, getting started might be the hardest part. Learn 5 steps you can start today that will help get you energized and prepared for a productive and successful job search.  

Find Motivation 

We all learn differently, and we all change our behaviors and our feelings according to how we see the worldOne easily accessible way to learn is by readingWhether you read books, articles, or websites, there is a lot of information out there that offers motivation 

A favorite book to read during the job search is titled: Change the Way You See Everythinby Kathryn D. Cramer and Hank Wasiak. It’s not only a gorgeous book to look through, it offers advice on seeing your job search differently. The book is practical and talks about assetbased thinking versus deficitbased thinking. For example, when you catch yourself saying: ‘I’ll never make it. That’s impossible. I’ll never get this done,’ change your self-talk to: I’m going to put one foot in front of the other and move.’ Learn how to magnify what’s best and focus on what’s next. In terms of your job searchset your sights on what you want and what you need, then move past your fear.  

Partner Up 

Another tip for starting your job search is to partner with a friend or find a job seeking buddy. Tap any of your current friends who could provide support such as proofing your writing, reviewing your applications, offering new ideas, and celebrating successesSometimes great partners also give you tough love by providing a kick in the pants when you need motivation. Additionally, look for Facebook, LinkedIn, job search forums, or other online communities of like-minded job seekers to share information. Success doesn’t happen alone. 

Name Your Effort  

It may sound silly but give your job search effort a name. You can name it after yourself, your dog, or your most desired company to work for. Call it, ‘My Job Winning Project, Job Search Mission,’ ‘Mission Microsoft,’ or ‘Project Fred. Name the initiative or job search effort and celebrate your effort when you win the job you’ve been wanting.    

Talk Positively  

It is very important to talk positively to and about yourself—this is true in life and in your job searchRemind yourself: This is my chance to find the job I truly want and possibly make more money.’ ‘I am optimistic and excited to be in job-search mode, as I will learn and get better every day.’ Conversely, avoid talking negative about yourself or others. Don’t berate or bash your last company or prior bosses. Keep your eyes on the prize and talk about the future.   

Get Professional Help  

The final suggestion is to consider getting professional help. Many job searchers seek out therapists, counselors, or other professionals who can help regain perspective, deal with past issues, or simply provide a sounding board. Any residual negativity from past jobs or relationships could impede forward momentum and stall your job search. Attempt to clear it away with a professional.  

Another form of professional help is to invest in a job search coach. Think of them (us) as private fitness trainers in the gym. You will be coached through a precise system with step-by-step tutoring, templates, and project management. With the right coach, you should speed up your job search with higher-than-anticipated compensation results.  

Once you have moved through most, or all, of these steps, there are no more excuses and it’s time to get started on a job search process that may just lead to winning the job you’ve been looking for.  


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