How to take control of your career right now

How to take control of your career right now
How to take control of your career right now

How to take control of your career right now

There are a couple of goals I have for the year ahead that are worth noting, and that I think would be helpful for anyone.

My first resolution advice is to take control of your career.

Remember, nobody cares about your career more than you.

Take control — you are accountable for change! Here are some quick ideas for how to get more fire in your career:

  1. If you are job searching, change your game and learn new search techniques.
  2. If you are stuck in your job, develop your Plan B and get out.
  3. If you are waiting for that promotion, ask for it the right way.
  4. If you are interviewing outside or within your company, focus on their needs. It’s not about you.
  5. If you want to learn new skills or develop new techniques, commit to a development program.

Job search restart

My second resolution is to ramp up your job search. If you didn’t land your dream job yet, it’s time to change your game this year.

  1. Stop just applying online and waiting, start networking to get in the “back door.”
  2. Juggle 10 real job opportunities at one time; play the odds game rather than aiming for just one dream job.
  3. Submit more than just a résumé. Stand out with a cover letter and something new: A candidate packet.
  4. Get fluent on LinkedIn and do targeted networking to find recruiters and hiring managers of target jobs.
  5. Update your interview skills. Times have changed, and you need to learn new techniques and be well prepared.
  6. Phone interviews are on the rise, yet you won’t get the face-to-face interview if you blow it on the phone.

Take the next 30 days to focus on your career and learn new techniques for today’s highly competitive employment era. Buy a few books, start networking, and Invest in a career coach to speed things up.


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