It’s Here! Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A Game-Changing New Book From a Veteran Hiring Manager

It’s Here! Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A Game-Changing New Book From a Veteran Hiring Manager

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era — just-released –is a game-changing job search book that will help everyone from college graduates to senior executives make their next career moves in the 21st century.

I have coached, interviewed, and hired thousands of job seekers. From those years of experience, I developed a proprietary job search and networking process. Read Cut the Crap, Get a Job! and you’ll learn the most effective job search tips, new approaches to the latest employment practices and brand new, proprietary techniques for career development.

Landing the perfect job is more competitive than ever, stressful, tough and sometimes frightening. I’ve spent 30 years as a hiring manager as well as a job seeker and I want to help you WIN a job fast. I’m here to help you manage your career — the right way — with lots of advice, traps to avoid and downloadable tools that are free with your purchase of my book.

There are two types of “Crap.” One, the mistakes that candidates inadvertently make that sabotage their chances of winning a desired position. Two, the excuses that most job seekers make to themselves or to their family and friends for why they aren’t doing everything possible to secure that next job quicker.

This book is NOT just for the unemployed. If you are employed but contemplating your next career move within your current company, you need to apply the same skills you would for an external job search.

Are you affiliated with the military and re-entering the private sector? Or stay-home parents re-entering the workforce? I’ve got good advice for you!

What is unique and powerful about Cut the Crap, Get a Job?   

  • It’s simple, it breaks the end-to-end job search into bite-sized pieces, including solutions and homework assignments to coach you through every step.
  • It’s written from the perspective of a veteran hiring manager with experience in Fortune 500 corporations as well as fast growing start-ups.
  • It provides all the technology-based tools you need to go from starting your search to winning the job.
  • It challenges tired, old practices and teaches innovative techniques that will show you what it takes to stand out as the best candidate being interviewed.

If you’re ready to get serious and make your next career move, get your copy today! Available on Amazon NOW. For more advice, strategies and next steps, read my blog, watch the videos, sign up for my newsletter and check out the special resources I’ve gathered for you, all on