Job Search Quick Bits: Preparing for Your Search

Job Search Quick Bits: Preparing for Your Search 

We know you’re busy and sometimes a little is better than a lot. When you need “a bit” of information or inspiration, take a look at our Job Search Quick Bits. 

How can I brand myself? 

  • Branding is the feeling part of how we market ourselves. 
  • To drive towards a meaningful career, you need to drive towards a personal brand. 
  • It starts by understanding who you are and what your reputation is. 
  • Once you understand who you are and what you want, think about your desired reputation and how you can get there. 
  • Describe yourself authentically based on your skills and experiences. 

How specific should my goal statement be?  

  • When crafting a goal statement, is it acceptable to say broad locations as preference such as East Coast or West Coast? 
  • East Coast, West Coast, South, North – these are way too general. Be very comfortable naming a city (or two).  
  • Have a preference. Where do you really want to live? 
  • Your elevator pitch might include, “I would like to move to Charlotte, North Carolina, and find kind of job.”  
  • If you have family, friends, or your spouse want you to move to a different city, a long-distance search is totally possible. Just be clear about your preferences and go for it. 

How should I prepare for a job fair or hiring event? 

  • Know which companies will be there and what positions they have open. 
  • Have a strategy before you go. 
  • Ask more questions like, “Tell me more about what you do.” 
  • When in doubt, be interested instead of interesting. 
  • Take lots of business cards! 
  • Take notes. 

Why is my LinkedIn Headline important? 

  • LinkedIn searching is an algorithm and key words in your headline make it easy for the algorithm to select you. 
  • About those key words… put yourself in the hiring managers’ shoes and think about what keywords they are looking for. 
  • Add the city where you are searching for a job in your headline.  

Where can I find information about the culture of a company or what it’s like to work there? 

Check out where you’ll find: 

  • Job Board with job listings. 
  • Company reviews – the “YELP” of companies based on employee submissions. 
  • Salaries review – discover your market value.

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