Nine Keys to Success for Your Management Career

Nine Keys to Success for Your Management Career

Congratulations! You’re a new manager!

You studied economics, medicine, manufacturing, politics, sales, etc. You worked your way up in your respective field. And then you became a manager and on top of all the experience you have in your specific industry, there’s now so much more!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, your responsibilities can become overwhelming at times. There are days and new situations that will leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. You don’t know where to start or even what or who to ask.

I spoke with authors Barbara Mitchell, managing partner of The Mitchell Group, and Cornelia Gamlem, president of The GEMS Group LLC, and asked them what new managers can do to maximize success in their management career. Here are nine tips from their most recent book, The Manager’s Answer Book.

1 – Always be true to your values and principles – your belief system. While you may share certain values with other people, yours are unique to you. Honor them and use them as your guide. Make decisions that demonstrate your values and never contradict them in your actions or words.

2 – Seek out people with common values. They will bring out the best in you and be a source of sound and ethical advisors. To the extent you can, avoid people who don’t share your high standards and don’t tolerate behavior based on lower standards. Never allow other people to contradict your values.

3 – Always act with self-confidence and don’t second guess yourself, but leave yourself open to new ideas and opinions. Maintaining an open mind should not erode your self-confidence. It helps you grow.

4 – Maintain a high regard of respect for yourself. You cannot respect other people if you don’t respect yourself. Never tolerate actions by others that disrespect you – or anyone else. Speak up.

5 – Respect the people around you – team members, peers, and leadership members. Demonstrate respect by being on time for meetings, not interrupting, and acknowledging others when you see them. Never disparage the leadership in front of others. If you disagree with something, speak up.  If you have to vent – we all do on occasion – do so privately and to someone who will listen and keep your confidence.

6 – Always lead by example. This is not a cliché – it’s a practice that should guide your behavior. Other people will notice, especially your team and they are the ones who are likely to follow your example and behave similarly.

7 – Avoid being judgmental. You’ll make mistakes and so will everyone else. It’s fine to counsel others, but refrain from criticism.

8 – Exercise discretion at all times. Don’t engage in speculation or gossip. Never discuss sensitive business information in public places or spaces – restaurants, bars, or on public transportation for example. You never know who is listening. Wait to make or return phone calls until you can do so in a private place.

9 – Respect and keep confidences unless, of course, there is a need to disclose such as information about wrongdoing like harassment or something else that could pose significant risk for the organization. If that’s not the case, honor your commitment not to share it with anyone.

Acting with integrity is one of the most important things that a manager can do. It shows you are credible, competent and trustworthy – your keys to success!


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