Revolutionary, New Job Search Program – A New Process for Success

Revolutionary, New Job Search Program – A New Process for Success
Revolutionary, New Job Search Program – A New Process for Success

Revolutionary, New Job Search Program – A New Process for Success

Are you a frustrated job seeker? Spinning your wheels looking for your next career move, or waking up each morning wondering what to do next? Most job seekers are doing the same thing since this is not a process that is taught in school, there is nothing natural about it, and there is no one clear way to enter the job search tornado.

Well, now there is a better mousetrap. It’s called the Cut the Crap (CTC) Job Search Process and it has three phases:

1: Attitude & Goal-Setting

2: Preparation

3: Applying & Interviewing

Ready, aim, fire.

Everybody needs to be on a program. Little babies need a schedule to eat and sleep, our classrooms are structure all the way through college and graduate school, and employment has set hours, meetings and requirements. Even the best freelancers or self-employed put specific activities in their calendar to assure they are building their business. Then why is it that your job search project is random? You need a schedule, lists of things to do, a framework to work within and a way to know when you are wasting time on activities that are not going to result in anything.

The first benefit of a new job search program to you, the job seeker, is that you get in control and that you have a path forward for your journey, no matter how short or long your journey will be.

The second benefit of following a process is that you will retain great information that will benefit you well beyond landing your next position. You will develop network contacts, information about companies, and valuable research that you will want to revisit at a later time. Because my process requires documenting your every move, you will automatically develop a contact list to not only thank after you are employed, but to stay in touch with for long term personal and professional success.

Benefit #3: Eliminate wasted time. After 30 years as a hiring manager in Fortune 500 companies, I see more “R.A.A.” or Random Acts of Applications. Candidates are applying to jobs they have no experience in yet they are missing open positions that are right in their sweet spot. Other job seekers are wasting time and money trying to change their resume to make it perfect for each job posting. Why?

Benefit #4: You will be able to juggle more than 10 job opportunities at a time. Today, job-seekers are dropping follow-up balls, fumbling with yellow sticky notes, and appearing unprepared, missing commitments, and feeling out of control.

Enable your PC to Organize the Details. There are many good books and blogs about job search tips. What you need is an end-to-end program and the tools to begin execution today. You should be using your PC to track your daily job search activities, who you meet, when you talked or e-mailed someone, and then have your calendar remind you to follow up. Sounds crazy? Those who do this appear more professional, stand out from other candidates, and win the jobs from the competition…faster.

If you’re next question is “HOW?” then go to and get “Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era” published in April, 2013. Best of Luck!


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