How to use LinkedIn to target two types of jobs simultaneously

How to use LinkedIn to target two types of jobs simultaneously

I have a two-pronged job search — there are two different job types that I’m targeting — and I was wondering what advice you might have for my LinkedIn profile. Should I have two accounts? If so, would having two different LinkedIn profiles possibly cause prospective employers or recruiters to question my integrity or sincerity toward either one? If not, how do I manage a single profile and not dilute my online branding?

Advice from Dana:

Thank you for sharing that you are in job-search mode and targeting two various job types. This is a viable approach in today’s competitive environment. Plus, it’s great to have two areas of passion.

In terms of LinkedIn, I do not recommend two different profiles. You are one person and your credentials, connections, recommendations and endorsements are all about one person — you.

I have expert advice from Viveka von Rosen, author, speaker and LinkedIn consultant, who recommends using the summary section of LinkedIn to communicate your goals for a career change. You have two choices:

  1. Develop a clear goal statement that includes both objectives. One example might be, “I am pursuing two career moves simultaneously as I am passionate in two arenas: One, an IT manager in a medium-sized technology company or, two, a customer-facing client manager in an IT consulting firm.”
  2. Leave out your goal statement and simply execute on two different job searches. Your LinkedIn summary and profile would be the same for each.

According to Rosen, another LinkedIn activity you may want to pursue is to identify the key words used in the job descriptions for both areas you are pursuing and use them throughout your LinkedIn profile where applicable. This will allow companies or recruiters to more easily find you through your skills and experiences.