Video: Do You Have a Job Search Goal?

Do You Have a Job Search Goal?

Pamela Gordon sent her résumé to 9 different job postings and saw no results. Some of the jobs were for administrative assistant, one was as a marketing coordinator, and another was for a project manager. In a few of the applications, she attached a standard cover letter, which restated her experiences from her résumé. To upgrade your cover letter, see Chapter 16.

Job seekers get desperate and anxious, leading to R.A.A., or Random Acts of Application.

Solution: Prior to applying to any job, you need to spend time developing your job search goal.

You will be amazed at how valuable this step is to:
• …answer the question you will be asked: “What are you looking for?”
• …find the right jobs to apply to for greater odds of success.
• …write an effective application and cover letter.
• …interview with passion and commitment.
• …win a job!

Look for more tips on goal-setting here on my YouTube channel or my blog OR in my book called Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era…and make it an ongoing practice.


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