Video: How to Use Dana’s Career “Law of Threes” During Your Job Search

Hopefully, you have already learned about my “Law of Threes” as a major recommendation to help you through your job search. If not: In all of your written and verbal communications around your job search, and with every encounter, remember and utilize “The Law of Threes”. It will save you.

So what is the law? Say three things and STOP. When talking, say three short things and STOP talking. Yes, three points then shut up. When writing, focus the cover letter, e-mail, follow-up letter or thank you note on three things. Then close.

Now, here is how to utilize The “Law of Threes” during your specific steps of your job search

  • For interviews, have your three points written down and well-rehearsed for the most commonly asked interview questions. Think in bullet points, not sentences. Even three key words will get you prepared. Example: “What are your strengths?” “Well, Nancy, there are three that I’d like to highlight today: First, I am detail-oriented. Second, I excel at managing others, directly or virtually and, three, I like to find creative solutions to problems.” Then STOP talking! Smile. The interviewer will probe further if they want more information. They may ask you for examples of how you demonstrated these strengths. Do the same for weaknesses and all common interview questions.
  • During network meetings, prepare three things you want to learn about and tell them up front that you have prepared three questions. Make each of the three things bite-size pieces such as “Do you know anybody at these 3 companies?” or “What are three things I need to know before going in to interview with Boeing” or “Can I review my job goal with you and get your feedback?”
  • Cover letters with job applications: After the opening, say “There are three key reasons why I believe I am a top candidate for your position.” Then bullet points
    • “You are looking for a self-motivated, independent marketing assistant and I have three years in marketing communications for (company) and do not need training or supervision.
    • The position requires a very high attention to detail and accuracy. My prior boss, who you can speak to, gave me the most important, detailed tasks since I proofed my analysis very well.
    • Your company is launching three products in the next 6 months and I have worked on 5 product launches and am prepared for the challenge.”

    Dana’s Career “Law of Threes” will help you when asking for a promotion, job-seeking within your company, describing your career goal and much more. They key is to practice it until it becomes (and stays) natural. It will help you personally and professionally. Best of luck!


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