Video: Juggling Multiple Job Opportunities During Your Search: Top Excuses and a Homework Assignment!

Juggling Multiple Job Opportunities During Your Search

Excuse #1: “I can’t juggle more than three at a time.” Really? Are you kidding? You need to be able to juggle more than three projects at work, you have the capacity to juggle more than ten other things in your life, and you certainly have or can make the time. I guess your job search is just not that important. Or you are disorganized.

Excuse #2: “I really believe I can get this one job I found. I’m perfect for it!” In this new era of job search, there is so much competition, both from employees already within that company or from outside competition. Yes, you may be perfect, but there are so many other factors that may prevent you from getting that job. And you will never know why you didn’t. Don’t waste your energy trying to learn…move on.

Homework Assignment:

1. Build your Cut the Crap (CTC) Job Tracker and populate it with every opportunity you have right now. If you are just starting with your job search, start with this tool. Then, every day, first thing in the morning, start with your CTC Job Tracker, update it, and assess what you need to do today:

a. Add more opportunities
b. Follow up on the current opportunities
c. Cross off an opportunity that has gone cold

More details can be found in my book “Cut the Crap, Get a Job” available in April, 2013 or on my blog and other videos on this YouTube channel.


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