Video: Mistakes and Tricks to Building A GREAT Job Search Routine

Mistakes and Tricks to Building A GREAT Job Search Routine

Mistake #1: Not building a variety of activities, relying on one or two things. Think about this as a portfolio of activities. No one thing works by itself. Even if one technique worked for you in the past, it’s a new game out there.

Mistake #2: Not adding newer job search techniques, just staying within your comfort zone.

Mistake #3: Getting distracted. Question: Is this job search really that important to you?


1. Have a routine. For some of you, it means getting up in the morning, getting dressed for your “job,” getting coffee, and sitting down to do Job Number One, your job search. For others, it means going to the library from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Set alarms, use your calendar, and be maniacal about each hour.

2. Set up a place to work. This can be a virtual office, too. Grab a box with file folders, this book, and other items you need to work remotely if your house does not have the space you need.

3. Set priorities. List out all that you need to do and put an “A” next to the most urgent, “B” for next most important, and “C” for things that can wait. No more than 3 categories.

4. Turn off distractions. Cells, TVs, music, children, pets, noises, crowds.


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