Video: Social Media and the Job Search

True story: As a job search and career expert, I was skeptical about all of these social media tools as recently as four years ago. I separated professional networking from social networking and felt that the social sites were a waste of time. All of that was flawed. So, as a complete convert and now raving fan of social media for job search and career growth, here is a summary.

Job seekers can no longer ignore their online presence. Additionally, there are brand new ways to use Social Media to enhance and accelerate your job search. “Social recruiting” is evolving and improving rapidly, so jump in NOW, because the only way to learn about it is to do it. Manage your expectations as well. Social media is simply another element of your job search “mix.” Social media connections are not a quick fix, but neither are job boards.

Benefits of Social Media to Job Seekers:

  • Be found. Social networking is simply preferred by recruiters and employers as a tool to acquire talent.
  • Identify and contact hiring managers.
  • Market and sell yourself and put yourself in front of many people.
  • Collect great research in preparation for an application or interview.
  • Social media enables you to develop a stronger network that can help you with your career as well as your next job search.


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