Video: The Three Social Media Sites that All Job Seekers Should Be Using

The following are the top three most important tools within social media that job seekers need to have completed to compete in today’s new era of job search:

LinkedIn because: LinkedIn offers the broadest array of resources to further your career. Whether you are looking for your first job, are considering changing careers, or want to move into a more senior position, LinkedIn can help you achieve it. Visibility, company job postings, research. If you are not here, you don’t exist for many recruiters and hiring companies.

Twitter for Research, job leads, learning from others. Twitter gives you free information about people, organizations, and job listings. You can be an observant follower and still reap many benefits.

Facebook: One of the reasons Facebook is important as a job search tool is because every business and brand that knows the power of the web is already there. Recruiters are also scouring Facebook for candidates. In summary, Facebook for visibility. Recruiters use the friend-finding search feature.


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