Video: Three Steps to Narrowing Down Your Job Search Goal

Each of you must have a clear and concise job search goal. You need a brief description of what you are hunting for. But how do you even begin thinking about it?

Step 1: Draw a dart board. Think about and write specifically what is in the center. The center or bulls eye represents your ideal next career position(s).

  • Geographic location desired (other cities you are willing to consider, too)
  • Functional area (marketing, accounting, outside sales, operations)
  • Industries you prefer
  • Companies within the industries
  • Size or type of company (small, medium, large, etc.)
  • Titles you are qualified for (senior sales, account management). Note: Do not get hung up on titles such as VP, Director, and Manager, as they vary so much company to company.

Step 2: List more flexible goals in the second circle on the dart board. What would you do if you couldn’t find anything in your bulls eye? Expand to alternatives that you are qualified for and have interest in. This can mean relocation to another city, a job in a different business from the one you expected, other jobs that need your skills, or deciding to change careers entirely. Reminder: these are not 3-5-year career goals, so stay focused on what you can do NOW.

Step 3: List what things are OFF the dart board. In other words, you would NOT accept something in:

  • Geographies you will not move to, or maybe relocation is not an option
  • Salary minimum you will not go below
  • Work-life balance considerations, like commute distances you won’t accept
  • Functions you really don’t want to perform day-to-day


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