Video: What to do After a Networking Event

What to do After a Networking Event

I hope many of you are going to face-to-face network events as part of your job search. I’m Dana Manciagli, author of Cut the Crap, Get a Job!…

Drive the Follow Up Process with Precision: the A,B,Cs:
a. When you get home: Open up your computer and do the following:
i. Start an Outlook Contact group with a color-code called “X Industry Event_(date)”
ii. Enter every person you met, even if you just got their e-mail address.
iii. In the notes section of the contact, write down the date you met them, the event name and anything about the conversation you remember.

b. The next day:
i. Send an individual, personal e-mail to the people you met. The first sentence should reference the event the night before. “It was a pleasure meeting you at the X Industry Event last night”. “I was the one who shared my goal of securing a senior buyer position at Nordstrom or Macy’s here in Seattle.” “Additionally, I offered to help you with _____.”
ii. Ask for the next step. “May I set up a phone call or meeting with you to ask you some additional questions that may help me secure my dream job?” “Here are three options of times so you can just reply back with one that is most convenient for you.” (List 3 half-hour slots in the next 2-5 days: one on the next day, one the day after, one the day after that). “Or, feel free to select another block of time and I will move things around to call you.”

c. Once you secure a time from them, send them a meeting request via Outlook to lock it in. Put “Jack Jones connecting with Ms. Jackson” in the subject and cut and paste your entire e-mail conversation in the body of the e-mail. Always put your cell in case they have to move the meeting.


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